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Effective legal document management is the key to maximizing the efficiency and productivity of legal departments. And now this can be accomplished through a unique all-in-one platform

A free information guide to introduce the revolutionary Altien Legal Document Manager to your organization

For any legal department, effective document, contract and matter management is essential. Documents are the lifeblood of legal departments and matters or projects are where these documents live. As legal departments handle so many documents related to a wide number of different matters and projects, it’s essential that their document management solutions are flexible, easy to use, able to evolve in parallel with the business and compliant with corporate standards for ECM, Records Management and Information Lifecycle Governance. Unfortunately, a solution that addresses these needs has proven elusive for many years now, leading many legal departments to struggle with the number of documents they’re forced to manage using inefficient, unconnected and outdated tools and processes. But that’s about to change…

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In this special guide, Allen Morgan of Altien unveils a new approach to legal document and matter management, created specially for legal departments and corporate legal teams – an approach that encompasses document management, matter management, project management, contract management, calendaring, task management and workflow, all in one system. Inside, Allen discusses the evolution of the Altien Legal Document Manager solution and explains how to implement and make effective use of it. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why conventional document management systems don’t meet the specific needs of legal departments
  • What is a matter-centric approach to legal document management and why is it so effective?
  • How Altien implements these solutions within their clients’ organizations to ensure lasting, positive change
  • How to utilize the capabilities of Altien Legal Document Manager to improve workplace productivity