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Legal Document Manager

Introducing a unique solution designed to address the productivity, management and collaboration needs of Legal professionals.


Legal Document, Contract and Matter Management with one system, out-of-the-box, in the cloud, hybrid or on premise. Migrate today.

Altien Legal Document Manager

Altien Legal Document Manager is an advanced, document, contract, email and matter management solution, including analytics and business process management, specifically designed for corporate legal departments. Built on the IBM FileNet P8 platform, it enables organizations to bring together all their documents, emails, images and other media into a single, hugely-scalable and flexible system. Legal Document Managerprovides an intuitive user interface that is both easy to learn and efficient for frequent use.

User Benefits of Altien Legal Document Manager

Easy to use and simple to train on: Strong User Buy-in

Altien Legal Document Manager works the way legal professionals expect. Whether they are used to Autonomy iManage, PCDocs or OpenDocs the user experience provided by Legal Document Manager is familiar and simple to learn its more advanced features.

Simple to use for occasional users and, as importantly, efficient and un-frustrating for advanced and more demanding users - delivering an outstanding user experience and lasting project success.

Return On Investment within 12 months

A focused project, combining Altien Legal Document Manager's implementation approach and software functionality, creates significant time, storage and license savings making Altien Legal Document Manager a profitable investment for the first and each & every subsequent year.

Compliance & Risk Management

Legal Document Manager's advanced, enterprise grade auditing ensures you meet your Information Lifecycle Management and Compliance obligations for your industry and your organization.

And that's not all. Legal Document Manager brings all tasks, events, chats, emails and documents into one consolidated and simple to follow view, ensuring you have 'eDiscovery-as-it-happens' allowing supervisors or new joiners to get up to speed and to the heart of a matter in minutes not hours.

Increased Productivity & Collaboration

Legal Document Manager enables a legal team to contribute, classify and collaborate on critical documents in a timely and efficient manner. By automating processes it reduces time spent on routine, manual tasks and improves workload management.

Improved Working Practices

Legal Document Manager integrates seamlessly into existing applications, especially email and Microsoft Office, saving time for each lawyer while encouraging team collaboration and adoption of best practices. Additional ibm include interfaces to eDiscovery and Matter Management solutions, while the Enterprise platform enables information sharing and business process co-ordination with other corporate departments.

Built on the Industry leading Enterprise Content Management system from IBM FileNet

IBM FileNet is rated by Garner as the best in class Enterprise Content Management and workflowPossibly the best enterprise content management system on the face of the earth or in fact, in the cloud. Deploy to the cloud, and migrate to on-premise whenever you want, or do it the other way round. Can't decide? Have it Hybrid? Like we said, the best, the most flexible the most capable content management and workflow foundation to build upon.

Matter Management

  • Delivers consistent and efficient document filing
  • Controls document & email metadata & security
  • Organizes matters by practice areas & clients
  • Controls matter lifecycle – active & archived matters
  • Configure multiple matter templates to meet specific practice needs

Contract Management

  • Identify and pick out relevant clauses
  • Manage contract dates
  • Identify and report on special clauses
  • Identify and report on company/client obligations

Document Management

  • Familiar interface is easy-to-use which improves end-user adoption
  • Web user experience like your standard office desktop apps
  • Desktop integrations enhances web User Experience - not replace
  • Eases rollout and maintenance. One application to maintain / train
  • Enable secure external access for your partners

Email Management

  • Integrated inside Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Outlook: Never leave your Office productivity applications to work on matters or collborate on documents.
  • Integrated inside IBM Lotus Notes
  • All aspects of Legal Document Manager are available from within Outlook or Notes. Emails stored in Matters can be forwarded or replied to by any member of the team. There is no longer any need to CC everyone involved in a case and clutter inboxes.
  • Automated intelligent email filing: all replies and forwarded emails are captured and stored within the correct Matter or project
  • Single click filing for attached documents
  • Checkout to email, check back in as next version
  • Rules-based filing of inbound & outbound email to matters
  • User-driven filing of inbound & outbound email to matters

Matter Calendars

  • Each matter folder can have a calendar for recording, tracking and setting reminders for key dates
  • Matter calendars aggregate up by practice area to the whole legal department for better awareness of workload across the department
  • Calendar events can automatically synchronize with your personal email calendar as required to manage your time more effectively

Task Management

  • Integrated with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
  • Automate matter and document-centric processes
  • From ad hoc tasks to complex, multi-party processes
  • Increase efficiency and audit-ability
  • Flexible integration point to other systems
  • Email notifications & reminders enables phased transition from the ad hoc

Contact Management

  • Share contacts seamlessly between team members
  • Contacts from Outlook, Notes and your CRM can be imported and sync'd
  • Use contacts to create pre-populated emails and Word templates


  • Flexible – no limits on taxonomy levels, field types or field numbers
  • Configure dependent relations – hierarchical filters & forward fill
  • Configure choice list lookups to other systems without programming
  • Improves accuracy and speed of indexing process

All of the above, plus amazing service & support