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Altien's Solution For Legal Departments

Does your ECM strategy work for your legal department?

In-house legal departments today face increased workloads and reduced budgets, requiring them to achieve more in less time and at lower cost. There is a growing focus on automating tasks, using intuitive tools, finding the correct information and relevant “know how” quickly and easily, and ensuring work is completed within rapid timeframes.

Corporate legal departments are responsible for creating, reviewing, editing and approving a significant amount of electronic content with a large part of their day spent working in Microsoft Office and email. This creates a challenge for implementing standards while enabling working freedom, creativity and adherence to best practice.

Another challenge facing in-house legal departments is how to handle their workload efficiently, including: ensuring business units meet their compliance requirements; improving contract management efficiency; handling mergers, acquisitions and restructurings; managing litigations and discovery requests; and optimizing the value obtained from outside counsel.

The corporate legal department is responsible for ensuring their organization meets the challenges from increasing regulatory requirements, evolving data privacy restrictions and often the complexity of operating in multiple legal jurisdictions. These responsibilities, along with a massive growth in data volumes, means Information Lifecycle Governance is becoming critical for organizations. It is important not just to create content but to manage it throughout its lifecycle, retaining only what is necessary for as long as required while destroying data in a safe and timely manner.

The Solution – Altien Legal Document Manager

To address all of these challenges, IBM has partnered with Altien, specialists in corporate legal content management solutions, to deliver Legal Document Manager (LDM) – a tailored solution for corporate lawyers built on an IBM Enterprise Content Management platform.

Solution Value

  • Prevent mistakes: use templates, security and version control
  • Never miss a deadline: capture key matter dates and automatically set and send reminders. All integrated with Matter team members email calendars
  • Save the legal department's time to deliver more work for your budget
  • Benefit from our experience to deliver corporate legal best practices
  • Up and running in weeks, configured and designed for you

Integrated IBM Products

FileNet P8 Content Manager
Advanced Case Manager
Content Collector
Atlas eDiscovery Process Management
eDiscovery Analyzer
eDiscovery Manager
Content Analytics
Enterprise Records
DataCap TaskMaster