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A free information guide to introduce the revolutionary Altien Legal Document Manager to your organization

In this special guide, Allen Morgan of Altien unveils a new approach to legal document and matter management, created specially for legal departments and corporate legal teams – an approach that encompasses document management, matter management, project management, contract management, calendaring, task management and workflow, all in one system.

Why choose Altien for your Legal Department?

Built on the IBM FileNet Enterprise Content Managemen platform

Altien Legal Document Manager is built on the IBM FileNet P8 platform, it enables organizations to bring together all their documents, emails, images and other media into a single, hugely-scalable and flexible system.

Strong User Buy-in

Legal Document Manager works the way lawyers expect. It is simple to learn and, more importantly, efficient for frequent use - delivering an outstanding user experience and lasting project success.

ROI within 12 months

A focused project, combining Legal Document Manager's implementation approach and software functionality, creates significant time and storage savings making Legal Document Manager a profitable investment for the first and each & every subsequent year.

Risk Management

Legal Document Manager helps meet the information lifecycle management and compliance requirements for your department.

Increased Productivity

Legal Document Manager enables a legal team to contribute, classify and collaborate on critical documents in a timely and efficient manner. By automating processes it reduces time spent on routine, manual tasks and improves workload management.

Improved Working Practices

Legal Document Manager integrates seamlessly into existing applications, especially email and Microsoft Office, saving time for each lawyer while encouraging team collaboration and adoption of best practices. Additional benefits include interfaces to eDiscovery and Matter Management solutions, while the Enterprise platform enables information sharing and business process co-ordination with other corporate departments.