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Leading insurer drives growth and avoid costs

Streamlining legal document, contract and matter management with a custom configured solution from IBM and Altien

The Challenge

Seventy-five years of paper files stored in manual filing systems made it difficult for this insurer’s legal department to find key information. Faced with limited storage space and increased regulatory pressures, the company sought a better way to manage its documents.

The Solution

The company replaced its manual approach to legal document and contract management with a custom-made solution from IBM and Altien, boosting efficiency in the legal department.

The Benefits

  • Cuts cost and effort of storing, searching and retrieving paper files.
  • Frees up staff for higher-value work.
  • Empowers attorneys to work anywhere by providing remote access to file materials.
  • Enables files to be organized more flexibly.

The legal department of a leading US-based insurance company was facing a challenge: the sheer volume of paperwork it had accumulated over the course of the company’s 75-year history was becoming too difficult to manage effectively.

A spokesperson for the company comments: “Our files were set up under a series of manual filing systems that made finding materials a real challenge. We were running out of storage space, and increased regulation and compliance requirements in our industry required us to find a better way to manage the massive amounts of paper we were creating and accumulating.”

Finding the right solution

The legal department decided to replace its paper-based approach and manual processes with a centralized enterprise document management solution from IBM and Altien.

“We chose the Altien solution because it is tailored to the unique demands of in-house legal teams, and our department in particular,” says the spokesperson. “We were also impressed by how quickly the solution could be deployed. Because the Altien solution effectively works right out of the box, we were confident that we would start seeing the value immediately.”

Rapid deployment, department-wide acceptance

Working both on-site and remotely via a secure connection, the Altien team ran a series of workshops to capture the legal team’s requirements. Next, Altien fine-tuned the solution to integrate seamlessly with the company’s existing workflows and applications – all without disruption to the insurer’s business.

“Working with the Altien team was a very positive experience,” says the spokesperson. “Altien really took the time to understand the way our business works, and delivered a solution that fits perfectly with our day-to-day activities. The acid test of any new piece of software is how many people in the department embrace it, and in that respect the Altien solution has been a major success.”

Streamlining legal document management

Today, the company’s legal team has a single solution to manage every document and email in the department.

The spokesperson comments: “In the past, our legal teams would have to spend valuable time digging through shared folders and filing cabinets to retrieve the matter or legal documents they needed. That is all changing now. Using the Altien solution, our legal department can search all records via a single, secure interface, and get instant access to every document and matter that they have permission to see.”

The Altien solution enables the insurer’s legal team to add new documents into the system quickly and easily – boosting efficiency and ensuring that all new content is rapidly accessible.

“As the Altien solution is fully integrated with our Microsoft Office Suite applications, adding new documents to the solution is simple,” says the spokesperson. “For the vast majority of documents, we simply select the document type in Word or Excel, and the solution populates all of the relevant metadata tags. Adding emails to a matter is even faster: a single mouse click is all that’s required.”

Boosting efficiency

With the Altien solution at the heart of its legal department, the insurer has gained more than just the enhanced management and visibility of its documents.

“Previously, manual processes limited our understanding of the department’s total capacity, and of how the overall workload was distributed across each member of the team,” says the spokesperson. “Thanks to analytics tools built into the Altien solution, we can generate rich reports to see the number of active matters, how many matters each person is working on, how long they have been open and the date they were last accessed.
These insights enabled us to identify ways to use our existing resources more effectively, which has helped us to boost the efficiency of the legal department. We can now manage the demands of a growing client base without increasing our use of outside counsel or our headcount – helping us to avoid additional costs.”

Ready for the future

Based on the success of its Altien document management solution in the legal department, the company is now planning to extend the solution to other parts of the business.

“We are extremely satisfied with the efficiencies that we have driven with the Altien solution,” concludes the spokesperson. “With a streamlined approach to document management in our legal department, we can serve the business even more effectively than before – supporting our growth objectives.”