Altien Legal Matter Management

The future of legal services is being redefined by the digital economy.  Increased regulation of client facing processes and the entrance of “digital natives” into the corporate legal department requires the ability to deal with a greater complexity and increasing volume of information.  To do this not just for one or two senior legal professionals, but for everybody, irrespective of office location, geography or even language, has never been more important.
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What it can do for your business

Altien Legal Matter Manager (LMM) enables corporate legal departments to gather and access information more efficiently, irrespective of volume or complexity, organize it quickly and analyze it for warning signs and unique client related insights. This includes the tracking of attorneys’ and team members output such as documents, budgets and invoices    associated with each particular legal matter. Legal Matter Management brings all these functions together into one scalable and easy to use Matter Management solution which integrates with both internal and external legal assets.

Why choose Altien for your Legal Department?

Control Information & Risk

Legal Matter Manager integrates seamlessly into existing applications, especially email and Microsoft Office, saving time for each lawyer while encouraging team collaboration. It helps prevent mistakes by using templates based on best practices, improved security and sophisticated version control. It’s integration with document comparison, legal holds, matter management and records management systems ensures compliance and  improves work processes.

Improve Legal Services Delivery

Legal Matter Manager enables legal teams, both internal and external to contribute, classify and collaborate on critical documents in a timely and efficient manner. It’s tight integration with Microsoft Office/Outlook and Lotus Notes allows users to quickly retrieve, edit, add, check-in and check-out, version and audit documents into relevant matter files. By automating these processes you can enable multi-party task collaboration, approval processes, and the secure sharing of legal documents. This  reduces time spent on routine, manual tasks and improves workload management.

Reduce Legal Spend

Legal Matter Manager allows you to reduce costs and to deliver more work for your budget by managing the mix of outside vs. in house counsel, by enforcing billing guidelines and by providing increased scrutiny of invoices submitted by outside counsel before invoices are submitted. Legal Matter Management provides a return on your investment (ROI) within 12 months.

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