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Dealing with more projects or caseloads with shorter timescales, remote teams, multiple geographies and greater regulation? No problem. Altien can transform your legal workspace. We help modernise your legal and contract processes to serve your business better, in a way that works where you are, easily and securely. And with integrated AI, we help you work faster and more intelligently.
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Altien Intelligence – AI for legal

Altien leverages generative AI to aggregate information, power searches, make and log queries, create and proof-read drafts. All within your private workspace. Help your legal teams and contract processes work faster, smarter and easier.

Working wherever you are

IBM Filenet

Altien was founded as a specialist legal solution for Filenet users and IBM Filenet continues to be a core platform.

MS Azure Cloud

Altien’s solutions perform superbly within the cloud, with data security is assured in your private workspace.

On premise server

For customers who prefer to maintain their own private servers, Altien is customised to work where you are.

Altien’s Solution

Altien Legal Matter Manager (LMM) enables corporate legal departments to gather and access information more efficiently, irrespective of volume or complexity, organize it quickly and analyze it for warning signs and unique client related insights. This includes the tracking of attorneys’ and team members output such as documents, budgets and invoices    associated with each particular legal matter. Legal Matter Management brings all these functions together into one scalable and easy to use Matter Management solution which integrates with both internal and external legal assets.

Why choose Altien for your Legal Department?

Improve Legal Services Delivery

Enable legal teams, both internal and external, to contribute, classify and collaborate on critical documents in a timely and efficient manner. Tight integration with Microsoft Office/Outlook and Lotus Notes allows users to quickly retrieve, edit, add, check-in and check-out, version and audit documents into relevant files, improving collaboration and reducing time spent on routine, manual tasks.

Control Information & Risk

Reduce the risk of error with high-level security and sophisticated version control using best practice templates. Integration with document comparison, legal holds, matter management and records management systems ensures compliance and improves work processes.

Reduce Legal Spend

Reduce costs and improve efficiencies by managing the mix of outside vs. in-house counsel – enforce billing guidelines and enable invoices submitted by outside counsel to be scrutinised before submission.

Our solutions are guaranteed to provide a return on your investment within a year of subscribing.

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