The Solution: Altien Legal Matter Manager

Specifically designed for corporate legal departments, Legal Matter Manager is an advanced, matter centric document & email management solution, including analytics and process management.

Altien Legal Matter Manager provides the following competitive advantages:

Increased Productivity

Includes tight integration with Microsoft Office/Outlook and Lotus Notes to quickly retrieve, edit, add, check-in and check-out, version and audit documents and to automatically file inbound and outbound emails into relevant matter files. Enables multi-party task automation and collaboration in processes such as opening and closing matters, approval processes, and secure sharing of legal documents.

Strong User Buy-in

Intuitive for lawyers and para-legal support staff, provides a flexible, matter-centric model that can be configured for multiple practice areas. Altien solutions allow you to manage information when and where it matters most – embedded in your current systems it allows you to manage information seamlessly and easily irrespective of its complexity or volume.

Improved Working Practices

Altien solutions can collect information from any source – existing document management systems, web, social media, email and more. It can be accessed, shared, controlled and then delivered and analyzed for compliance or marketing purposes.

ROI within 12 months

Altien’s software benefits and implementation approach creates significant time and efficiency savings making LMM a profitable investment for the first and every year thereafter.

Altien LMM offers features that let you manage and integrate your everyday activities into an effective Matter Management Solution

Matter Management

Legal Matter Manager delivers a flexible matter-centric model that can be configured for different legal practice areas. It provides consistent classification and access to all related documents such as contracts, briefs, emails and other correspondence.

Task Management

Legal Matter Manager integrates with IBM FileNet Business Process Manager to automate matter and document-centric processes from ad hoc tasks to complex, multi-party processes. This increases efficiency and audit-ability. Flexible integration with other systems facilitates email notifications and task reminders to improve efficiency.

E-Mail Integration

Legal Matter Manager offers integration with both Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes providing automated server-based filing of inbound and outbound emails into relevant matter files, using IBM Content Collector, and user-driven filing from within the client application.

Microsoft Office Integration

Legal Matter Manager includes tight integration with Microsoft Office to retrieve, add, check-in and checkout documents directly within the office application. Templates can be easily enabled to provide lookups to corporate information to optimize the document creation process.


Legal Matter Manager helps you never miss a deadline. You can capture key matter dates and automatically set and send reminders to all of your matter team members.

Document Management

Legal Matter Manager automatically captures and classifies all documents created within the legal department from the start of their lifecycle. This allows you to easily access and manage all documents both within your organization and externally with your various resources.

Contract Management

Legal Matter Manager allows users to identify and pick out relevant clauses, manage contract dates, identify and report on special clauses, as well as identify and report on company/client obligations.

Knowledge Management

Legal Matter Manager enables improved knowledge management by providing a process for storing and sharing internal best practices, research and outside work product, all in the same library.


Legal Matter Manager provides flexible, no limits reporting based on taxonomy levels, field types or field numbers. Reports can be configured on dependent relations, hierarchical filters and forward fill descriptions. LMM also allows you to configure choice list lookups to other systems without programming.

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