About us

Founded as a horizontal, multi-purpose document management solution, Altien is a leader in the delivery of Matter Management solutions for legal departments and legal services organizations in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to enable customers to take advantage of new opportunities in legal services and to manage their information where and when it matters most.

Altien provides software solutions and supporting services which help customers take advantage of the new opportunities in legal services technology. Legal services professionals can use Altien’s solutions to gather and organize information more efficiently and quickly and analyze it for compliance warning signs and unique client related insights. Altien solutions allow you to manage information when and where it matters most – integrated with your current systems it is customized to manage information easily and seamlessly, irrespective of its complexity or volume. Altien solutions can collect information from any source – existing document management systems, web, social media, email and more – organize the information so it can be accessed, shared and controlled at the same time, and then deliver the information and analyze it for compliance or marketing purposes. Altien Legal Matter Manager (LMM) solution is built on the IBM FileNet platform and available on-premise or via the Cloud. It is proven in customer deployments globally including Financial Services, State Government, Energy/Utilities and Manufacturing. The solution integrates with IBM FileNet Content Foundation for content and process management, IBM Datacap, IBM eDiscovery Services and IBM Watson Analytics.

Our team

In order to excel in everything we do, Altien has spent over a decade recruiting and training the best people in business process and information management market. Together we supply solutions directly to legal professionals and their supporting systems experts or via selected partners

Allen Morgan
Founder & CTO
Jon Summers
Business Development Director
Lindy Coxon
Marketing & Operations Director
Doug Forbes
Marilin Adams
Quality Assurance Director
Dominika Morgan
Product Development Director
Graham Vincent
Customer Support Director
David Cresswell
Systems Manager

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